Villa Marocc

Villa Marocc

Villa Marocc is a stunning Moroccan style utopia among luxury rental NYC. This oasis locates in the mid of Miami shores.


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Marocc is an offer to tourists throughout the world as Miami is the dreamland to roam and explore as well.

It is full of fashion houses and shops, restaurants, bars, and theme-based park along with historical monuments.

A true vagabond couldn’t manage to explore Miami in a couple of hours. One has to handle a comfortable place like home where you free and treat like a homie.

The charisma of Villa Marocc

  • A blend of modern Moroccan architecture
  • A way nearer to 79th St. Causeway means you are close to Miami Beach
  • Line and open concept layout makes mansion well ventilated


  • 6150 sq. ft. space to accommodate 12 persons
  • South Floridian Garden with veranda and private heated pool
  • Interior and terrace are neatly merged to form vast living areas with sun or shade
  • Six bedrooms with 6.5 en-suite bathrooms and attached patios
  • Master rooms threw eye view on garden and pool
  • Well equipped kitchen and laundry
  • African style interior, polished concrete floor, and natural wooden furniture


  • Alfresco cookout
  • Espresso maker/appliance
  • iPod dock points
  • Clean and filtered drinking water
  • Beach and outdoor fixtures
  • Stable internet and office
  • Centrally air-conditioned
  • LED and computer(s)
  • Electronic gated asset
  • Secured garage Parking
  • Other services are available on the spot

Why choose us?

Villa Marocc is the best treat to oneself among luxury rentals NYC. It is suitable to book every time because of its weather and mainstream locality.

You will get a chance to enjoy the weather and the natural beauty of Miami.

Plan a trip to these wild shores sited with many buildings and parks in your budget. For more information, visit our website about any mansion and book it in no time.

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