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Want a fantastic spot like a fort features with all luxuries, location between hills, or historical place?

Luxury rentals in loss Angles have enlightened Access with natural sites to enjoy all the fantasy. This stunning Villa captures the true essence of hillside and resorts while living in California.

The Villa Fiona of Los Angeles locates in the historic and famous estates of Hollywood hills. This luxury rental on loss Angles has many dramatic and charming views, European dignity with an intricate and unique plea.

The Villa Fiona covers almost half and arc its whole boundary, 9,000-square-foot surrounded with greenery perch.

What is the most ordinary infatuation about villa Fiona of luxury rentals in loss Angles?

  • A grand staircase leads to the outdoor area with excellent features with all luxuries for rest, swimming, sun strip, sunset, and entertaining and admiring nature.
  • An outdoor kitchen and bar spot for BBQ and grill with family and friends.
  •  A pool is directly positions to the staircase.
  • An outdoor bar with fire pit features.
  • This Villa locates where you can easily approach to best Malls for shopping, entertainment, and dining.

Features of luxury rentals in loss Angles:

  • The whole Villa has settled with the imported limestone from Italy.
  • Roofs are high with the crowed ceiling; doors open to the soaring mezzanine, grant columns, and elegant archways.
  •  The Villa Fiona en-suite on the five bedrooms is luxurious and bright with natural light from the balcony.
  • All rooms nestle with a toilet shower.
  •  The Villa has Access to the balcony and patio
  • A terrace with a hillside view and greenery of hills.
  • An open kitchen is present with two small fridges, two Bosch for dishwasher, Morice French oven, a hand-paint fireplace that is den crown and ventilates dining room, etc.
  • The Luxury rentals in loss Angles have a charming site in all in its four directions, all-villa designs with wood, iron, and steel-work, and romantic cathedral windows with captivating views.
  • Attached bathrooms with marble floor have a soaking tub, dual walk-in shower.
  • The Spacious living area with a bar for BBQ and grill.
  • An Outdoor bar with fireplace and fire pit for the grill, BBQ, and stove.

Safety and security:

  • The CCTV availability for 24/7 hours
  • There are 3-4 Fire alarms in case of danger
  • A Smoke detection fixture in crisis
  • The CO detector and noxious gases
  • Having alert staff members
  • The Ultra safe and secure entrance

Why you choose us?

If you want incredibility and reliability at some places, then you should check the list of Los Angeles house rentals vacation. In the Los Angeles rentals home, all the bedrooms have king-size bed Ruth and ventilated bathrooms.

The architecture is blooming due to its Hollywood hills. If you want to live in a safe and healthy environment, this is the best choice for you.

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