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The Venus modern of Los Angeles luxury home for rentals is an elegant vacation point that beautifully constructs tourists’ stay with luxury accessories and features of this villa. This luxury house looks high in the canyon. We are having a sun strip view for just 5 minutes.

What is the most ordinary infatuation about Venus Modern of Los Angeles luxury home for rentals?

  • You will feel proud to stay here, because Villa Fiona is One of the most luxurious, beautifully adore, Elite home.
  • The Venus Modern villa of Los Angeles looks to elevate in the canyon.
  • Easy to approach to the California city for shopping, entertaining, outing.

The Features of Venus Modern of Los Angeles luxury home for rentals:

  • This beautifully designs mansion has four bedrooms with all accessories and luxuries for its residential families and friends.
  •  In Venus’s modern villa, all the rooms have their bathrooms with hot tub and soaking tub.
  • Loss angles luxury home for rent has a well-furnished apartment with Queen beds.
  • The four rooms in Venus Modern villa has glass windows.
  • Queen sized beds
  •  The villa has a room with a king double bed for honeymoon couples, terrace access, a steam shower, and a walk-in closet.
  • The loss angle Venus modern villa has glass doors that always attracted its guests. First, these are themselves open the lounge and hallways with dropping the glass stairs.
  • The living room of Los Angeles Vocational rentals is decor beautifully with a zebra rug and sputnik light fixture that enhances its historic charm.


  • All Ventilated bedrooms have a lounge and natural light and air.
  • The Computer, T.V., and Wi-Fi availability for 24/7 hours
  • Laundry system with iron and drying
  • The Espresso appliance
  • Miele appliances boasted a fully equipped kitchen.

Safety and security:

The CCTV availability for 24/7 hours

  • There are 3-4 Fire alarms in case of danger
  • A Smoke detection fixture in crisis
  • The CO detector and noxious gases
  • Having alert staff members
  • The Ultra safe and secure entrance

Why you choose us? 

  • All types of services and accessories are available 24/7 hours.
  •  This Los angles rental villa covers with the art of amenities.
  • You can easily book your tickets for an outing from this point, within a few minutes.

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