Melrose Oasis

Melrose Oasis

The Los Angeles seems like a never-ending urban community. However, there are oases of a break for travelers to West Hollywood. The Melrose Oasis is a highly convenient spot for the upmarket visitor to Los Angeles. This is a stylish West Hollywood luxurious vocational rental, sure to delight a refined palate.


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Melrose Oasis entirely located for those who are interested in s more good things. It is a mere block away from the shopping districts of Melrose. It is only 20 minutes drive away from Rodeo Drive.

What are Ordinary Infatuations about Melrose Oasis of Los Angeles Vacation Rentals?

Melrose Oasis is an ideal place for SoCal tal fresco lifestyles, and it provides an excellent indoor-outdoor open floor plan for the home.

With many top restaurant options within walking distance, away from Los Angeles’ revitalized Sunset Strip, you may not incline to take advantage of the designer kitchen.

The Features of Los Angeles Vacation Rentals:

  • A king-sized bedroom en-suite with the bathroom has a toilet and shower.
  • One queen-sized bedroom along with a TV.
  • A backyard patio for fresh air.
  • An open area settles for barbecue, heat lamps, and fire pit.
  • A Pool with a covered terrace for fresh air
  • Two queens sized bedrooms along with bathrooms with hot tub.
  • All bedrooms affluent Crescent Heights corridor.
  • A dining room comfortable to Accommodate for eight persons.
  • Advantage of well equipped and designer kitchen.
  • All rooms are well-furnished and will a large size glass window.
  • A Glorious deck and patios for fresh air and valley view.
  • A stunning pool for swimming and sunbath
  • The charming idea of sun strips and sunset is capture
  • It Has an Eight-person dining room for the meal.
  • The Spacious living area with a bar for BBQ and grill.
  • The sun strips and sunset view on an outdoor porch


  • Well equipped Laundry system
  • The Parking area available for parking
  • The Wi-Fi availability for 24/7 hours.
  • There are two living areas with heating and cooling system
  • Computer and a flat TV screen for entertainment.
  • The Purified drinking water, healthy and fresh food.
  • Tickets booking for vehicles just at a phone call

Safety Characteristics:

  • The CCTV availability for 24/7 hours
  • There are 3-4 Fire alarms in case of danger
  • A Smoke detection fixture in crisis
  • The CO detector and noxious gases
  • Having alert staff members
  • The Ultra safe and secure entrance

Why you Choose Us?

This property of Los Angeles vacation rentals has easy access to popular points of interest in the area than Elite Luxury Home’s selection of vacations.

The places like The Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach all are around or less than half an hour drive away.

It’s problematic that you’ll find a well-located vacation rental in Los Angeles in such an affordable rent.

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