Loma Vista Estate

Loma Vista Estate

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Los Angeles vacation rental homes have the privilege of featuring a wonderful home Loma Vista Estate. These homes are luxurious and most adventurous places for families and visitors. The house decorates with beautiful art and pictures on the walls.

The pretentious courtyards are with the media lounge and sitting halls. A formal dining room is imposing the class style through their open floor plan. A dining room has an entrance to master kitchens.  Loma Vista Estate has a whimsical indoor/outdoor livings area for BBQ and entertainment.


Therefore, we can say that it is a highly spacious and formally pitiable visiting spot, have the most advanced facilities. They will completely worth your choice.

What is the most ordinary infatuation about Loma Vista Estate of Los Angeles vacation rental homes?

  • Los Angeles vacation homes for rent are aggressively comfortable with warmth and style.
  • It has various entertaining and enjoyable areas for visitors to spend theirs in nature.
  • It seems like a little castle with the elongation of decks, pool, Jacuzzi and guest house, etc.
  • These Los Angeles homes are the second name of perfection in the beauty of Hollywood hills.

Features of Los Angeles vacation rental homes of Loma vista Estate:

  • Deluxe master suite with pleasant garden, and gas fireplace and fire pit.
  • The master suite is having king size bed and 50 inches T.V. screen.
  • Three double bedrooms compile with junior.
  • There are Two guest suites with a balcony area for fresh air.
  • All rooms have T.V. screen ranges from 40-50 inches and digital media.
  • They are Facilitate with tub combo and tub shower.
  • A beautiful Media lounge designs for watch-up and meetings.
  • An Excellent guest house with comfy beds, full-screen T.V., and sofas.


  • The Fanciful indoor/outdoor living corners for dining
  • A Spacious and fully equipped kitchen with a Bosch dishwasher and oven for BBQ, grill, stove, etc.
  • The Proper ventilation of rooms for fresh air and sun strips.
  • The complete coverage of the entertainment area
  • Having six en-suite bedrooms with attached shower and toilet.

Safety and security:

  • The Walnut ceilings for warmth
  • The Glass encased homes.
  • A camera check is available for the whole day and night.
  • Fine security and protection in 24/7 hours
  • This Los Angeles house has Complete physical independence for rest and honey moon in the comfort zone.

Why you choose us?

Los Angeles vacation rentals are grand and modern home schemes for its tourists. They have Every suburban facility of entertainment and decorated rooms. It has charm in looks and somehow considers to be hideous and grotesque for the visitors. This luxurious home is the interpretation of excellence in the decor of beauty and comfort.

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