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Hollywood Elegance

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Hollywood elegance is the most famous vacation rentals in Los Angeles. Hollywood Hills is One of the most remarkable architectural building. Los Angeles rental spots on a most charming place in California city according to the vacation point of view.The Hollywood elegance decors with 3-4 beautiful yards. The lawns decor with beautiful and attractive flowering plants and historic trees.

The beauty of Los Angeles attracts to everyone heart and minds. This rental home for tourists considers one of the most relaxed and fresh air and clean area. There is a large size, and the private pool is in the backside of home for swimming.

What is the most typical infatuation about Los Angeles vacation rental Hollywood Elegance?

  • The distinct feature of Hollywood elegance from other loss Angeles homes is the presence of gym in this home.
  • All ample equipment are available for exercise and fitness.
  • There are a private yard and pool for swimming.
  • There is a Home theatre present in the centre of the home.
  • All Digital media availability for fun.
  • Fullscreen T.V. and computers
  • There is an availability of Music and Sound system.

Characteristics of Los Angles vacation rentals:

  • There are three bedrooms with attached bathrooms.
  • Two king-sized beds in two suites.
  • Large ventilated glass windows for ventilation and fresh air.
  • It’s one king-sized bed present in the master bedroom, and one is present in the guest room.
  • The Guest room has one queen size bed.
  • En-suite with a bathroom and stand-alone shower in the guest room.
  • The pool locates in the backside of the home for swimming.
  • All bathrooms have the hot tub and cool/steam shower.
  • The Master bedroom directly views the collection of the house.
  •  The luxury elite has a decent view of sun strips and sunset.
  • The Guest room has distinct features like a fireplace and open vanity.
  • This Luxury house of Los Angeles is Locate just below the sun Blvd, that enhances its glamorous.
  • One of the most beautiful fountains is settling in the midway of the building.
  • The velvety greenery of yards enhances its charm and beauty.
  • There is a sizeable Indoor Dining room is fix for eight persons for the meal.


  • It is the Perfect locate area for enjoyment and entertaining the view of valley and city.
  • A-lot of Multiple features wraps out it, like a private yard, swimming pool and greenery.
  • The Fountain and sitting area enhance its outdoor spaces for sitting.
  • Perfect Entertaining and digital media availability for fun.
  • The television and Wi-Fi availability.
  • There is a Healthy and friendly environment in the whole vacation rental for rest and peace.
  • It’s a Gifted place from the historic Hollywood hills.
  • The Los Angeles California vacation rentals have outdoor sitting areas.
  • The sitting areas of Hollywood elegance cover with large umbrellas open over the chairs.
  •  In summer season the Umbrellas works for rest and entertaining through nature.

Safety and security:

  • The CCTV cameras availability.
  • The secure Entrance from the gateway.
  • C.O. detection.
  • Elements for smoke detection.
  • The Fire alarm.

Why you choose us?

Los Angeles nestles in Historic streets, hills and valley, and famous for shopping. The Hollywood elegance links to a lot of hiking sites for hiking. Indoor and outdoors sittings areas are available for the whole family for gossips and entertainment.


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