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First on the list is Courtney Estate. It is one of the popular rentals in Los Angeles because of its unique style and elegance in décor. Courtney Estate luxury rental is designed after the Hollywood theme. This stylish and comfy place is located at Nichols Canyon, very close to Hollywood Boulevard. You can enjoy your time with family and friends in tranquility, far away from the maddening crowds.

This is a fully furnished apartment with three bedrooms and equal number of bathrooms. All the bedrooms are spacious and comfortable. You will get queen-sized beds which are ideal for families. You can plan to spend your vacation in this luxury rental home.


The modern décor creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for the visitors. The kitchen is well-equipped with appliances. This is the best part of the apartment because the kitchen opens out onto the private back yard.

You will be fully contented to see the facilities provided by Courtney Estate. And they have done it to make your stay with them enjoyable. There are quite a few lounging areas and soothing waterfalls. Moreover, you can spend time in a pool complete with jacuzzi and a fire pit and cabana. Besides, the outdoor kitchen and dining area is an additional advantage.

Courtney Estate is affordable. You can choose your deal according to Low Season, Christmas and New Years.

Sunset Strip and the famous hiking spot Runyon Canyon are just around the corner from Courtney Estate. The panoramic views of Los Angeles is thrilling from these spots. Besides, Hollywood Hills vacation destination is only half an hour’s drive from Beverly Hills, Universal Studios Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. Famous destinations like the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre are also nearby. Without any hesitation, you can stay in Courtney Estate, preferably in summer and indulge yourself in all kinds of fun activities.


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